18 December 2013

Christmas Time in South Georgia

The season of cheer and giving is upon us and with all this year's bumps in the road have left little room for the giving.

My family is thankful for all the good times and bad that we have experienced. We have jobs and a beautiful house. The first Christmas in the house will be great no matter that we can't give as much as we once did. The Christmas tree is adorned with lights and ornaments with nice gift wrapped boxes under the tree. The crazy weather keeps you guessing whether it will feel like Christmas or not.

Merry Christmas to everyone and may the season bring you all joy!

28 October 2013

Looking Back on Times Gone By

The past few days have been better news than expected.

Home 6's vehicle is good to go for now, we just have to get a new front drive shaft. Not necessary to operate the vehicle but no four wheel drive for now. My truck didn't need the extensive repair I thought, I just cannot trust the fuel gauge 100%. Anyone who has a diesel knows what a headache to prime the fuel system can be after running out of fuel. Even with this better then expected news, I still feel the weight of the world.

My thoughts immediately drift to the simpler times, even though some see them as harsh. The times when I was in the sandbox across the big pond. Life was so much simpler. Yeah there were tough times, however in the company of men you consider brothers, including my blog father RSM, those times go by fast and you have a short memory of them until you have a moment to reflect. I guess now having that time to reflect lets the notion sink in that you did go into some shit storms and after the dust settled you were still standing while others were not. Notwithstanding those caveats, life was too easy.

You get up, day or night, check your vehicles, weapons, gear, and yourself. You go do the mission and accomplish you objectives. You come back to base check your vehicles, weapons, gear, and then  wait for the next mission. Everything else in between is whatever you felt like doing, workout, eat, sleep, TV, and so on. Yeah you worried about stuff at home but no bills or day-to-day bullshit drama!

My mind keeps telling me that this day by day struggle is what everyone goes through and I should be thankful for the blessings I have.

17 October 2013


I know there hasn't been a post on here in a while, but now I want to write again.

I have recently made a new friend who also blogs and is successful doing it. It gave me the hankering to blog again. There has been a lot going on since my last post so I'll catch you up. Home 6 and I decided money isn't everything and my want to go back across the pond as a contractor is no more. We bought a house that is great and our little sanctuary which was due to a new job. A lot of changes for a year but worth it.

And as anyone knows when it rains it pours. A lot of lifes little emergencies seem to have hit all at once. Both Home 6 and my vehicle have needed repairs recently. Our new little addition to the family, a cute Boston Terrier has got to the chewing stage and some of our stuff have suffered the wrath of our Piranha. It's just a lot to stomach all at once.

Well enough of my rant. Just a quick update and a few bumps along my journey.

11 May 2012

Just be advised.....

The Zombie Bite Calculator

Created by Oatmeal

10 April 2012

No Real Updates

A couple months have passed and no updates to speak of on the job front.

I'm still working out trying to get in shape for the contracting job, but starting to think of getting a contracting job to work into the next. I just have to find a contracting firm to that can give me a interim job like installing jammers or something so i can get my foot in the door. I'm looking into other jobs here in the states as well, close to home to be more specific. I've taken the EMT-I test and fell short but I'm studying to pass it soon, another certification for contracting as well. i'm also looking into parole jobs to help get better hours and maybe better pay if I'm lucky.

My wood working is goin well and have completed my shelves and found a way to get some free wood thanks to my father-in-law. i've also found an old table to restore. An antique shouldn't be restore unless it has no value and this piece is damaged to the point where i can restore it without any reservations. I thought about taking it apart, repair it, and the coat it with enamel finish for that antique look. Well see how it goes.

Just another day living the dream. Work, eat, sleep.

23 February 2012

Another Year Begins...

Another year has begun without much fanfare.

The cycle has begun again. January has given way to February and March is upon us. My new hobby has got my creative juices goin. Just in time for my ETS from the Army. I have enjoined my time in the service and have made some lifelong friends whom I consider family. But I digress, my new hobby is woodworking. I've only begun to scratch the surface of what I've been taught over the years. Now I have to put that knowledge to practical use, and it's relaxing.

I made Home 6 a basket stand that is rather good, if I say so myself, and a storage rack for the other bathroom. My next project will be a small shelving unit and then a bookcase with secret compartments! But those are on the back burner until project funding comes through. Until then I will do like always and think of the different ways to build them.

Still have the whole contracting job thing on hold to get myself in shape and ready. Call me crazy but it's something I want to do, plus it's good money. Well enough for now, see ya'll.

12 November 2011

The Forgotten Holiday

As the more important holidays loom in the near future, another holiday is passed by without much acknowledgement.

Call me selfish if you want, but why is it Veterans are treated like shit in the country they have served? No matter where you go people may say thank you, but it is nothing more than what society says you're supposed to do. There might be some that actually mean thank you, I take nothing away from those who truly mean it. However I do get pissed when in one sentence they thank a veteran and in the next they complain about soldiers and how stupid it is to send people overseas.

Do not blame the veteran for why we are fighting, blame the politicians, blame people you voted into power, and go ahead and blame yourself. Everyone was out for blood when they attacked America, not just us war mongers who want to kill other people for fun and sport! Y'all forget what it means to dig in and fight. Y'all only know what goes on in you little world of reality tv and tree hugging liberal media mind washing.

Veterans Day is a holiday I have held in high esteem not just because I am a veteran but because I was raised to appreciate what was given to me by the generations before me. The hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifices of those before me. I'd you don't agree with what I'm saying, quit wasting my oxygen, go eat some tofu, and sit outside of Wall Street protesting what you have no control over.

I know I have some strong opinions, but if this rant doesn't pertain to you, sit back, relax, and enjoy the final days of America as a great nation!

16 October 2011

A Bit Uncomfotable

I don't think of myself as socially inept, but sometimes I feel that way.

I was having lunch with some friends and my God-son wanted to swing. I was pushing my little man on a swing set when other kids and their parents started to play. I haven't been fond of crowds since Iraq, but the more people that gathered close by the swing set the more uncomfortable I felt.

I didn't know what to say or do while the others were around, I just continued to push Little Man. I guess part of me still wants to resist regular everyday life, it's seems surreal. What seems real to me is conflict in some way, shape, or form.

Body armor and weapons are concrete while normal American life feels like a fairytale. Maybe it's a cynical outlook but i feel more at ease when I'm in harms way, on my toes. Regular life dulls my wits and only placates my need for adrenaline, blood, and violence with movies and killing stuff on video games. All that is well and good but there is something missing.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I just feel uncomfortable with people I don't know or trust.

13 October 2011

Blog Unteathered

Just got the Blogger App. Now there is no excuse for my lack of post.

11 October 2011

It's Been Too Long

This is long overdue. My naked blog is borderline embarrassing. Allow me to update you on the past year(way too long since my last post)!

I have changed jobs, I'm now a deputy sheriff on patrol and on the SRT as the medic (surprise right?). Home 6 and I were wed in May! Hard to believe it's been so long, the whole work and go to school fell through after my financial aid was turned down. I have some other irons in the fire though. I'm enjoying my life and feel good about where I'm at. But there is something inside me that still burns to do more. I haven't given up on my dream to be a PA, only set back slightly.

Well there you have it. I will give my best effort to keep regular posts.