10 April 2012

No Real Updates

A couple months have passed and no updates to speak of on the job front.

I'm still working out trying to get in shape for the contracting job, but starting to think of getting a contracting job to work into the next. I just have to find a contracting firm to that can give me a interim job like installing jammers or something so i can get my foot in the door. I'm looking into other jobs here in the states as well, close to home to be more specific. I've taken the EMT-I test and fell short but I'm studying to pass it soon, another certification for contracting as well. i'm also looking into parole jobs to help get better hours and maybe better pay if I'm lucky.

My wood working is goin well and have completed my shelves and found a way to get some free wood thanks to my father-in-law. i've also found an old table to restore. An antique shouldn't be restore unless it has no value and this piece is damaged to the point where i can restore it without any reservations. I thought about taking it apart, repair it, and the coat it with enamel finish for that antique look. Well see how it goes.

Just another day living the dream. Work, eat, sleep.

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