28 October 2013

Looking Back on Times Gone By

The past few days have been better news than expected.

Home 6's vehicle is good to go for now, we just have to get a new front drive shaft. Not necessary to operate the vehicle but no four wheel drive for now. My truck didn't need the extensive repair I thought, I just cannot trust the fuel gauge 100%. Anyone who has a diesel knows what a headache to prime the fuel system can be after running out of fuel. Even with this better then expected news, I still feel the weight of the world.

My thoughts immediately drift to the simpler times, even though some see them as harsh. The times when I was in the sandbox across the big pond. Life was so much simpler. Yeah there were tough times, however in the company of men you consider brothers, including my blog father RSM, those times go by fast and you have a short memory of them until you have a moment to reflect. I guess now having that time to reflect lets the notion sink in that you did go into some shit storms and after the dust settled you were still standing while others were not. Notwithstanding those caveats, life was too easy.

You get up, day or night, check your vehicles, weapons, gear, and yourself. You go do the mission and accomplish you objectives. You come back to base check your vehicles, weapons, gear, and then  wait for the next mission. Everything else in between is whatever you felt like doing, workout, eat, sleep, TV, and so on. Yeah you worried about stuff at home but no bills or day-to-day bullshit drama!

My mind keeps telling me that this day by day struggle is what everyone goes through and I should be thankful for the blessings I have.

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