17 October 2013


I know there hasn't been a post on here in a while, but now I want to write again.

I have recently made a new friend who also blogs and is successful doing it. It gave me the hankering to blog again. There has been a lot going on since my last post so I'll catch you up. Home 6 and I decided money isn't everything and my want to go back across the pond as a contractor is no more. We bought a house that is great and our little sanctuary which was due to a new job. A lot of changes for a year but worth it.

And as anyone knows when it rains it pours. A lot of lifes little emergencies seem to have hit all at once. Both Home 6 and my vehicle have needed repairs recently. Our new little addition to the family, a cute Boston Terrier has got to the chewing stage and some of our stuff have suffered the wrath of our Piranha. It's just a lot to stomach all at once.

Well enough of my rant. Just a quick update and a few bumps along my journey.

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