23 February 2012

Another Year Begins...

Another year has begun without much fanfare.

The cycle has begun again. January has given way to February and March is upon us. My new hobby has got my creative juices goin. Just in time for my ETS from the Army. I have enjoined my time in the service and have made some lifelong friends whom I consider family. But I digress, my new hobby is woodworking. I've only begun to scratch the surface of what I've been taught over the years. Now I have to put that knowledge to practical use, and it's relaxing.

I made Home 6 a basket stand that is rather good, if I say so myself, and a storage rack for the other bathroom. My next project will be a small shelving unit and then a bookcase with secret compartments! But those are on the back burner until project funding comes through. Until then I will do like always and think of the different ways to build them.

Still have the whole contracting job thing on hold to get myself in shape and ready. Call me crazy but it's something I want to do, plus it's good money. Well enough for now, see ya'll.

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